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"Rock is so much fun. That's what it's all about - filling up the chest cavities and empty kneecaps and elbows"

- Jimi Hendrix -

Patricio Carrasco

" The Story of a Music Man "

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Patricio Rodrigo Carrasco Ochoa was born in Lima, PERU. He started playing Peruvian instruments at age of 10 in a music class at school. That is how he was introduced to music. Later he joined the marching band playing the clarinet. When he turned 13, he played the guitar for the first time in a national music class at school. Patricio didn’t actually liked playing guitar. It wasn't until he turned 15, when he got his first electric guitar as a Christmas present, that he actually fell in love with it. The passion for music made Patricio move to the US in the year 2003 (right after graduating High School) to look for new horizons in a country with a huge music scene. He had a quite ambitious intention: to study at BERKLEE COLLEGE OF MUSIC. While being there, he had the opportunity to study with very known musicians like Jon Finn, Scott Johnson, David Fiuczynski and Bret Willmott.

With a Dual-Major Bachelors Degree in Music Performance and Contemporary Writing & Production he decided to keep studying, so he enrolled FULL SAIL UNIVERSITY in Orlando in 2007 to get further knowledge in the music recording environment. Besides graduating from these prestigious universities, he also received honors and scholarships at both schools and a PRO TOOLS CERTIFICATION by Digidesign. After successfully completed his studies, he started interning with famous re-mixer Bill Hamel in Windermere. He stayed there for a few months learning a lot about House music, then he decided to move to Miami to get a bigger picture of what the music industry is all about, so he started interning at Studio Center. At the same time he started an internship with famous producer Salaam Remi in Kendall.

In May 2009 he got hired by legendary studio The Hit Factory Criteria. Around the same time he got hired at MusicAmerica; a music academy in North Miami Beach. He started giving guitar lessons and he hasn’t stop since then. His passion for teaching has grown tremendously, and is part of his life now. In 2013 he started an internship at Crescent Moon with legendary Grammy producer Emilio Estefan, and shortly got hired as the main sound engineer for all his live entertainment events and restaurants. He has done live sound for companies like Swank AV and PSAV as well and worked as a FOH engineer for renown . Patricio is also a professional Songwriter/Producer and he has worked for several musicians and artists. At the moment he is one of the guitar/bass/piano/drums teachers at Educators Music in Cape Coral, and he is also producing and collaborating with local artists. He has recently put together a corporate/cover band named SOUL CALIBER as well as an original band named Oneness so stay tuned for updates!